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Beginning the conversation

As we're sure you remember, one of the goals LiveJournal, Inc. set last year was to review and post new policy guidelines in our 100 day plan.

We know you've all been waiting a long time for this to happen, and today, we're taking an important step in accomplishing this goal. We've reviewed, clarified, and posted a draft set of policies, and we'd like you to take a look at them here!

We also want to emphasize that this is a proposed set of policies. We've created these proposed policies as a starting point for constructive debate, as we feel that it is crucial to get input from you and LiveJournal's new Advisory Board.

For those of you wanting to compare this to the previous policy document, it's still up here. We have updated policies in a number of areas which have generated interest from users, particularly on non-photographic images of minors, harassment, inappropriate content, and hate speech.

With that said, we'd like to invite you to read and review these policies, and comment with your thoughts. In particular, we want to hear which policies you think should change (or are missing entirely), how you would like to see them changed, and your reasoning as to why you believe it would be a better solution for LiveJournal.

We will complete this consultation process by the end of May.
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