September 12th, 2008

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Single entry suspend and read-only

Based on the feedback we received back in July, we have implemented both the ability to suspend a single journal entry, and the ability to place a journal into a read-only state. We've updated our policies to reflect these changes to our Abuse process.

Our goal for these new tools is to restrict access to content which violates our policies and prevent the posting of new violating content, while still allowing non-violating content to be readable. When possible, we will suspend access to individual entries rather than entire journal. Use of the read-only feature will generally be used as an alternative to both temporary and permanent suspensions. Some situations will still require the whole journal to be suspended, but we believe these new tools will drastically reduce the number of whole journal suspensions that are performed. This will allow for as much content as possible to remain intact while still removing violations from the site.

Our policies may still require some fine tuning as we begin using these tools, and we appreciate any feedback you can give us on how these tools should be used.