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theljstaff wrote in lj_policy
Welcome to lj_policy!

We're glad you're here. This community will be used to gather your opinions about social and community policy.

We understand that there is a lot to absorb and process right now with the creation of LiveJournal, Inc. Since this is a transition for all of us, we want to initiate a dialogue with you, the users. We feel it is very important to hear your concerns before we release any changes to current policies, and we want to start this process right away.

As a starting point, we don't want to just guess what's important to you; we want to hear about it directly from you. Please take a moment to answer the questions below:

1) What is your greatest concern about LiveJournal's current policies?

2) Regarding your primary concern, are you aware of a site that handles that issue in a way that you like?

This is just a starting point to get your initial ideas. We know you have a lot more where these come from, and in the coming days and weeks we will make sure you have a chance to voice your opinions. We look forward to your comments.

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I would echo the sentiments that others have expressed here. I was quite alarmed with strikethrough and how they would delete journals first, ask questions later. There was no clear process that could be outlined as to how these decisions were made and what the chain of command was in making the decisions.

The most recent policy of flagging journals and posts is really rather unnecessary. Either LJ and its board believes in creativity and free expression and the ability of the community to police itself or it doesn't. The fact that 6A was willing to kowtow to the demands of an external group of people who had a clear agenda and to inflict that agenda on the membership says alot.

As someone who bought a permanent membership and belives in the site, I would like to remain hopefully optimistic in light of the acquisition by SUP. I do hope that SUP will honour that level of investment in LJ. Now, if all this means that LJ can be more focussed on what the membership truly wants, rather than putting a bunch of unwanted, superfluous features in front of us as a distraction, then I will remain positive.

Edited at 2007-12-03 03:27 am (UTC)

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