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theljstaff wrote in lj_policy
Welcome to lj_policy!

We're glad you're here. This community will be used to gather your opinions about social and community policy.

We understand that there is a lot to absorb and process right now with the creation of LiveJournal, Inc. Since this is a transition for all of us, we want to initiate a dialogue with you, the users. We feel it is very important to hear your concerns before we release any changes to current policies, and we want to start this process right away.

As a starting point, we don't want to just guess what's important to you; we want to hear about it directly from you. Please take a moment to answer the questions below:

1) What is your greatest concern about LiveJournal's current policies?

2) Regarding your primary concern, are you aware of a site that handles that issue in a way that you like?

This is just a starting point to get your initial ideas. We know you have a lot more where these come from, and in the coming days and weeks we will make sure you have a chance to voice your opinions. We look forward to your comments.

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I'm going to second a lot of what has already been said, so please bear with me. My biggest concerns are:

1) Livejournal's lack of communication with their users. Recently, changes have been implemented with little or no warning and without user feedback, which makes for changes that either don't work properly or that anger the userbase or both. Additionally, when users try to address their problems with Livejournal's latest changes, major issues are often ignored, and the ones that are addressed are not addressed in a timely manner. To make matters worse, the TOS has also been changed without notice or warning, and is not clear enough for comfort. Complaints about this too have been ignored by Livejournal staff. The abuse team is also unresponsive to most complaints, or gives cookie-cutter answers that don't truly address the problem. In short, if Livejournal were simply more courteous and responsive to its users, everyone would have an easier time of things.

2) Livejournal's recent campaign against "objectionable content" and increase in censorship, including the flagging system which leaves far too much room for abuse. I can't even talk about this in detail without becoming righteously incoherent, so I'll leave it to the many other people who will undoubtedly bring it up. I'll just leave it at this: Free expression is a right, not a privilege, and I should not be forced to parent other people's children.

All that said, I'm remaining optimistic about this and I look forward to seeing what you do with the place. This is an excellent first step.

I agree with this completely. Both 1 and 2.

The ToS is horribly unclear, full of loopholes, and seems to be interpreted differently by everyone... "laws" shouldn't be like that. And all the censorship... wasn't LiveJournal started so that people could speak their minds, no matter what was on it? It's horrible to see something beautiful like that being silenced by its own founders.

Most users are becoming more and more uncomfortable being here... (hence the huge migration to InsaneJournal) we're just waiting for something else to be taken away or tacked on without warning.

Edited at 2007-12-03 03:40 am (UTC)

1) Thirded. This is very well put.

2) I think that wordpress comes close on item #1 - they announce changes regularly and clearly, and policy changes don't tend to come immediately. As others have noted, the recent limit of 1000 tags would have been taken much better if the announcement came ahead of the policy change and if a system for counting/merging/sorting tags came along with it.

It seems that the very existence of this community shows initial responsiveness on the part of LiveJournal, Inc., and willingness to work with users. That makes me very happy.

I strongly third your first point. Lack of communication or regard for the userbase is the number one thing that upsets me about SA's time in control of LJ.

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